Youthquest Kāpiti in Liquidation

Youthquest Kāpiti has closed its doors after announcing voluntary liquidation this week.

John Granville, Chair of Youthquest Kāpiti for the last three years says they kept operating for as long as they could but there was no way to continue without substantial government funding.

“For its 11 years in Kāpiti, Youthquest has been very successful. He says over 200 young lives have been turned around for the benefit of the individuals and for society.

“The staff of Youthquest have been fantastic. They have been hugely dedicated and very good role models.”

Mr Granville says the Board made the decision to go into voluntary liquidation to protect the position of staff. He says he expects there to be no net debt when the books are settled.

Youthquest Kāpiti was started by Paul Fong and his wife Tanya and Terry Poko in Kāpiti in 2006 as a not for profit community based charitable organisation and has been praised far and wide for its huge contribution to the community.