Etiquette Reminder for Kāpiti’s Shared Paths

Kāpiti Coast Council has recently completed several new sections of shared pathway between the Expressway and Raumati Beach Village as part of its Stride ‘n’ Ride Kāpiti Coast initiative, so now is a great time to remind people of the etiquette associated with these paths.

Council Infrastructure Services Group Manager Sean Mallon says Stride ‘n’ Ride Kāpiti Coast aims to make it safer and easier to walk and cycle around the district.

“The initiative is delivering a $5 million package of shared path improvements between Paekākāriki and Waikanae that enhances connections to and from our town centres and the Mackays to Peka Peka Cycleway, Walkway and Bridleway,” says Mr Mallon.

While the shared paths are designed to easily accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and people using mobility scooters, wheelchairs and electric bikes under 300 watts, there are some basic rules and courtesies that people should observe to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users.

The most obvious of these is to pay attention to all signage and take note of any restrictions in place. Others include:

  • keep to the left and try not to hold anyone up by blocking the path. Move to the side of the path if you stop to take in the surroundings or have conversations

  • pass others with care

  • if you have a dog, know which shared paths dogs are allowed on and when dogs must be on a leash (be familiar with dog control zones/access zones/bylaw)

    If you’re a cyclist, you should also:

  • let pedestrians know you are approaching with a friendly bell and politely call out which side you’re going to pass them on

  • cycle and pass with care at a speed that doesn’t put other users at risk

  • pass on the right when possible, unless the pedestrians are on the right in which case pass them in the safest way you see fit

  • allow a one metre gap when passing other users

  • look out for traffic going in and out of driveways often drivers may not expect traffic on the path at intersections, stop and look before you proceed

  • where there are traffic lights use the pedestrian signalled crossings, otherwise give way to motor vehicles

  • if you’re using an e-bike, when passing others change to the lowest power setting and reduce your speed to walking pace.

    For more information on Stride ‘n’ Ride Kāpiti Coast, visitāpiti