Shan Ng the ACT choice for Mana

ACT has announced Shan Ng as their candidate for the Mana Electorate at the upcoming general election. The seat is currently held by Labour’s Kris Faafoi.

Shan Ng, grew up in Malaysia and now lives in Thorndon, Wellington with her daughter Olivia and partner. She has worked in the ICT and telecommunication procurement sector, and is a qualified lawyer. She holds a law degree from Cardiff University and has been admitted to the bar in three jurisdictions i.e. Malaysia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Of Chinese descent, Shan is fluent in four languages, including Cantonese, Malay and Mandarin. She became a supporter of ACT after she was inspired by their classical liberal principles. She is currently Number eight on the ACT Party List.

Shan believes NZ can become a “cultural and ethnically inclusive Aotearoa /ahurea, me te porihanga urutomo”. She says New Zealand is a nation of immigrants. “Today our businesses and public services couldn’t function without the infusion of new people and new ideas.”

Shan wants New Zealand to be a liberal, progressive and humane society where Olivia (being part Maori, Pakeha and Asian) and her future generations are braver in creating opportunities of their own.

“With the increase in house pricing and population in Kāpiti in the next few years, ACT believes the shortage of housing can be filled by private developers, when local and central government get out of the way. We would change the planning law that controls development of housing, and we would give councils the funding incentives to approve more consents. ACT have been promoting real reform for years and have a clear policy to replace urban planning law with legislation that promotes growth and values property rights. Then there’s red tape putting costs on building.”

Shan says ACT would replace current standards with a more flexible insurance regime that would allow developers to use new building methods and materials, so long as they shoulder the costs if things go wrong. ACT would also make the Government give half of the GST generated by new builds to the local council for use on infrastructure.

Shan also looks forward to showing Mana ACT’s plans to introduce lower taxes and a stronger stance in law and order (three strike policy for burglary).

“National needs a strong and reliable coalition partner such as ACT to hold them accountable for their actions and ensuring New Zealand retains a stable government that values equality, free choice and rule of law.”

Shan says her aim is to increase ACT’s party vote by driving more voters be it old, young, non-voters, Asians or immigrants to vote this coming election, to enable ACT to become a prominent player in NZ Politics.

“ACT is very close to getting enough party votes to gain a second MP. I believe in “Cohesion is Strength / piringa he kaha” and that “Strength lies in differences not in similarities / takoto kaha I roto I nga rereketanga e kore I roto I nga oritenga”.

She says more MPs getting elected means ACT would have a chance to renew their focus on the sound principles founded by Sir Roger Douglas and Derek Quiqley.