Starting up new ideas in Kāpiti

Startup Weekend is back for a second year in Kāpiti. Ready to help guide new startup ideas to success is MJ Brodie, who led the winning team last year.

When asked to describe her experience in three words, she quickly replies “nervous, excited, awesome.” MJ is a local from Paraparaumu, who had never participated in anything startup-related before. “I was so nervous, I almost didn’t go along. Several times I was so close to pulling out, but I am so glad I went.”

MJ pitched her idea to help homeless people, and her newly formed team called SeekShelter went on to win Kāpiti’s first Startup Weekend. The idea attracted interest and support from Wellington City Council, and the team have been working with homeless shelters over the last year as they work on their startup. “It has been amazing, to think what has happened, just through taking a chance to share an idea with other people.”

This year, MJ is back helping with Startup Weekend, taking part in the organising crew, and will be mentoring teams over the weekend. “Startup Weekend is such a great experience you learn a lot about what it takes to run a startup, but a lot more about yourself”. She credits Startup Weekend with giving her more confidence to try new things. Asked what she’d say to others about Startup Weekend, she says “It’s hard to know what to expect going in, but just try it. You will surprise yourself, and have an amazing time.”

The next Kāpiti Startup Weekend is on 28-30 July 2017. Anyone is welcome to attend, and more information and tickets are available from