Kāpiti Weather in the Month that Was

Murray ‘The WeatherGuy’ Eggers takes a look at how Kāpiti fared weatherwise for the month of June.

As predicted, June’s weather was more like autumn than winter, and indeed the average temperatures were about the same as May’s for most of the month, but it was much sunnier and drier than May. In effect, we in Kāpiti enjoyed a bonus autumn month.

On our five coldest days the temperature reached 13 degrees, and on the warmest 18. This resulted in an average daily maximum temperature of 14.9 degrees, a decrease of 0.6 of a degree on June 2016 (one of the warmest ever), but still almost half a degree above the five-year average.

However, it was sunshine and lack of rain that made June special. Of the 28 fine days, 19 had mostly bright sunshine, more than 40 percent above normal, and more than any month this year and last summer. Rainfall of only 10.6 mm was recorded at the airport, the lowest in 12 months.

Although there are still no signs of traditional winter weather, it might be too much to expect another mild, sunny, dry month.


Wellington’s daily average maximum temperature of 12.3 degrees, was 2.6 degrees lower than Kāpiti’s and down 2.0 degrees on May 2016. The Capital obviously experienced cold weather that largely bypassed Kāpiti. On no day did Wellington’s temperature equal Kāpiti’s. Wellington experienced four days on or over 15 degrees compared with Kāpiti’s 16.