Kāpiti – Whirlwind needs your help

Whirlwind is a growing community of men helping each other to get better at the mental side of life.

Through the sharing of stories and connection with other like minded men, we foster a mutually supportive environment that encourages authenticity and emotional literacy.

Whirlwind is now struggling for the $ to keep going having lost our one corporate sponsor. We have applied for various grants but the feeling I get is that we are not “cool” enough as a group for men to get this support.

We need to self-fund, this is the reality.

We also don’t need a lot – Whirlwind works on a budget of $5K a year.

No one gets paid.

This is very achievable – esp if the members or supporters of Whirlwind look to give a min of maybe $1 a week or to make it simple $5 per month. With 250 members and counting that would be heaps.

So that’s the question for us all to consider – can you please give Whirlwind $5 a month?

The bank account is: 01-0731-0216534-00 (ANZ Kāpiti) .

I know some people’s financial situation is beyond dire, That is why this must be voluntary. But if your situation is better than dire then please consider that $5 a month and help us to keep going.

For info we have put in for grants for bigger things such as a counselling fund, merchandise, garden stuff, benevolence fund etc. All of these are needed but no good if there is no US.

So – at the risk of sounding needy.$5 a month PLEASE.

The bank account is: 01-0731-0216534-00 (ANZ Kāpiti) .

And feel free to share this outside of Whirlwind.

Many many thanks.