Whareroa Guardians Complete Track

The Whareroa Guardians have been working to complete the Catchment View Track which will be opening: Sunday June 18th 10.30am (after 9am planting).

The volunteers will meet to plant trees near the Water Intake at 9am. Morning tea and cake at the Water Intake picnic table at 10.30am and then Ric Cullinane from Walking Access will “cut the ribbon”.

Many thanks to Walking Access Aotearoa for funding the three new metal signs and to Transpower for a lovely stile on Campbell’s Mill Rd giving easy access to the new track.

And of course, many many thanks to the volunteers who have worked on this route over recent months: marking, cutting gorse and fence wire, painting posts, carrying up seats and poles and weed-eating. It is a great achievement and completes the last of the major tracks proposed in the 2012 Whareroa Farm Plan.

People can then explore the track. There are a couple of seats near the beginning giving lovely views over Upper Bush to Matai Bush. The whole loop via Campbell’s Mill Rd takes about 2-3 hours, depending upon speed.

A group gathered to complete the work at the top on May 20th – cutting gaps in the fence to allow the track to follow a more gentle line (or perhaps that should be, slightly less steep) and putting up marker poles. Other jobs were erecting the new signs, weedeating and cutting gorse. Don Beggs has made a picnic table from recycled fence posts and battens; this was erected high on the track. Thanks to: Don Beggs, Theo Barsanti, Ian Redward, Sandra Rowland, Liffet Stewart and Ann Evans.