Paraparaumu College SEAR Group in Maui Dolphin Challenge

Paraparaumu College’s SEAR Animal Rights Action Group are helping raise money and awareness about the New Zealand’s endangered Maui Dolphins.

The students say “The Maui Dolphins are incredibly special to New Zealand and deserve a chance at life in a thriving environment instead of being on the brink of extinction. With only 63 Maui Dolphins left, we want to see those numbers rise up so our children and our grandchildren can live among these amazing beings. Help support the Maui Dolphins and their protection by donating through this page so they can live on.”

SEAR will be participating in the 63 Maui Dolphin Challenge by first teaming up with Z Health Studio to achieve 63 Yoga Moves in a session and will be doing more challenges throughout the year.

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A bit about SEAR:

SEAR is a Paraparaumu College made action group which stands for Societal, Environmental and Animal Rights. In the Environmental group of SEAR, we pride ourselves with helping out our community and love teaming up with other environmental groups to make our New Zealand a clean, green place. We also host our own events/projects such as rubbish clean ups around the Kāpiti Coast.