Robbed of silence

Dear Editor,

The trucks woke me in the early hours of the morning again today and I lay and thought about the lovely few days I had just had in Mahia. What was my favourite time? I replayed the highlights in my mind; the lazy holiday breakfasts eaten outside on the sun-drenched deck, kayaking across the bay, watching a vivid sunset gradually fade into star-studded darkness, and finding an almost complete paper-nautilus shell on the beach. Then I realised that the element that stayed most strongly in my mind was none of these. It was the silence.

The NZTA can talk all they like about how the measured noise levels lie within the predicted range and how they comply with the New Zealand standard. The fact is that we used to have silence at night and now we don’t. Something that was precious has been taken away from many Kāpiti residents. We have been robbed.

Nicki Young