KCDC Challenged over Road Names


Where and when did the ratepayers request come from (and how many signatures) to rename the two Main Road names out to seven.

I cannot see or imagine any advantage that such a move could possibly assist or entertain or enlighten the public in any way. Further, there will be costs to the likes of printed road maps, multiple GPS systems, multiple national government departments address details, courier, delivery and service providers address details, internet Google Earth, all requiring needless system updates.

I resent my rate payments being put to this venture when there are many more important council management core functions that should receive action and expenditure.

As I write this I remain totally puzzled as to how renaming perfectly adequate road names even got off the ground.

I challenge the KCDC to own up to a bad decision that has not to my knowledge been requested by any significant (un-reported) representative group of ratepayers; stop any further proceedings and concentrate on work that they were elected to do.

Maurice Richardson

Raumati Beach