Kāpiti Council urged to reconsider bylaw

Guy Burns, Deputy Chair Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board is disturbed that Kāpiti Coast District Council is threatening to fine people driving or parking on Kāpiti Beaches $750.

“Prosecution would be based on a 2009 bylaw which has its foundation on wet, soft, slippery sand.

“Firstly; the bylaw also upholds customary rightsand the right to use the beach as a road has been around for over 100 years.

Secondly; the beach was once a highway known as the Old Coach Road and ownership of the area is confusing and unclear. There may be no legal foundation for the bylaw (or prosecution) on parts of the beach.

Thirdly; Thirdly; KCDC contractors and staff regularly drive on the beach.

“I urge KCDC to reconsider their threats against locals, whanau and visitors to Kāpiti Coast and amend their draconian bylaw.

Source cited by Mr Burns: (source: www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/whats-on/News/2017/safety-concerns-bring-stronger-action-against-illegal-driving-on-beaches/ )