Kāpiti would be impacted by Kenepuru cuts

District Health Board member Sue Kedgley says she is totally opposed to any closure of the after-hours service at Kenepuru hospital.

“I have opposed this proposal and I will continue to do so, because everyone in Wellington is entitled to a 24 hour emergency service, wherever they live in the region.”

“Porirua is an area of high health need, and Kāpiti has a very high percentage of residents who are over 65, so it would be grossly unfair and inequitable to deny these residents an after hours service when other parts of the region have access to one.

“It is also quite unreasonable and unfair to expect residents in Porirua or Kāpiti to drive to Wellington hospital in the night, so a solution to the staffing issues will simply have to be found.”

“The District Health Board contracts with public health organizations to pay for 24 hour care, and they need to find a way to provide this service.”

Ms Kedgley is an elected member of the Capital and Coast District Health Board, and is standing for re-election.