Kāpiti ashes bylaw cops some heat

Kāpiti Council Candidate Guy Burns is appalled Kāpiti Coast District Council is considering a draft bylaw to ban people from scattering ashes on beaches, rivers and parks.

If the bylaw is approved, people would need written permission, and would be restricted to emptying urns in specific garden beds inside cemeteries.

“This is a case of bureaucracy gone mad. Too many staff with too little to do creating rules and regulations for no good reason. It’s a classic case of Council trying to regulate without a real problem definition and no viable solutions.

“Kiwis have a tradition of scattering ashes in the natural environment. Now Kāpiti Coast District Council want you go to Council for a permit. This could well come at a cost – and there’s just no need for it. It’s creating more work for extra staff that ratepayers can ill afford.

“It is time the Kāpiti Coast District Council started focusing on its core business, and moving away from pointless regulation,” says Mr Burns.