From New York to the top of Kāpiti Island

Mandy Dixon of New York made the most of a recent visit to Kāpiti and rounded out the holiday with a trek to the summit of Kāpiti Island.

“There was so much to do in Kāpiti and the trip to the Island was certainly a highlight,” said Ms Dixon.

“During the stay we visited Southwards Car Museum, Queen Elizabeth Park, went to the top of Paekākāariki Hill for stunning views as well as visiting Nga Manu Nature Reserve and plenty of Kāpiti cafes and restaurants.”

A visit to Kāpiti Island so often referred to as the jewel in the crown of the Kāpiti Coast – should be on everyone’s list.

The Island experience is superb. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend a visit. If you have been you will know how lovely it is there and have no doubt encouraged others to visit.

A trek to the top is well worth the hike and the views are magnificent from up there. The Island is really is a step back in time to how New Zealand was long ago with the proliferation of so many native bird species as well as a truly diverse native bush.

The talk at the start from Jenny Fraser of Kāpiti Explorer was excellent and very informative.