Women in Business Lunch with Laurel McLay

DATE: Wednesday 28 October 2015

VENUE: Southward Car Museum

TIME: 12pm to 2pm

COST: Members $25 – Non Members $35

Complimentary wine or juice on arrival

Laurel McLay will present on lead generation which will be based on her book, Lead Generation – 21st century strategies to ignite your success.

In this value packed session, Laurel will share with you how to determine your own uniqueness (or X factor), the market you serve, how you share your value with that market, and how to get yourself out of the way in owning your value!

She will also focus on the power of support and positioning. There are a variety of lead generation strategies that you can adopt, depending on your own personal preferences and those of your market. The emphasis is on not doing it hard, and saving you time.

As a business owner, or solopreneur it constantly feels like the buck stops with you. Not only do you seem to have to make all the decisions in your business, but when you are looking at ways to promote your business, everyone is an expert. Between social media, SEO, blogging and traditional advertising, there is an overkill of options, and you could end up wasting an awful lot of money, feeling ripped off with no real return.

Laurel believes no one is going to have the conviction of your product or service when sharing your message, than you, the business owner. It really is the best strategy to rely on no one else but yourself when promoting what you do. But the good news is, it’s no longer about cold calling and feeling the cringe about being shameless.