Guildford Drive Vandalism


A number of drunken youths travelled along Guildford Drive at around 04:00 today (04/10/2015) and broke letter boxes and street signs. A number of brick letter boxes were demolished, one even had the top taken off then it was pulled to the grass verge and crushed.

Council street signs were broken, including a speed sign and a bus stop. This vandalism must of taken a couple of hours to complete. The police were alerted the next morning and an incident number, at least in our case, was raised.

I have a number of concerns about this incident. The police did not visit the scene at all, even to reassure residents. I know the the people who caused the trouble had already fled but surely to come out and see some of the elderly victims along the street would have been wise.

I know that this incident is a low priority for the police but dont small crimes lead to bigger levels of crime in later life. Especially if these incidents are not investigated. Was this not the result found in New York in years past when small crimes were vigorously investigated. All levels of crime dropped.

I would also like to pass a message to the dkless wonders who committed these crimes. At some point you will be caught, even later in life. What you do today will affect the rest of your life. The laws of karma apply. So don’t cry in later life when you are involved in crime or are the victim. You will have got what you deserve.

Mike Frampton