Young Ocean Defenders March for Maui Dolphins

Kāpiti Colleges ‘Young Ocean Defenders’ Group Walked 55km to raise awareness for the plight of the remaining 55 Maui Dolphins on Sunday.

This enthusiastic group of 14-16 year-olds organised the event by themselves and achieved a great amount of awareness by walking the entire distance from Ngati Toa Domain in Mana to Waikanae Beach.

A core of about eight members walked the 55km, with a further 6-10 joining in for shorter sections. The group had said the event was a great success and they are looking forward to getting started on new projects.

The Maui Dolphin being an important part of New Zealand’s natural heritage, it’s great to see this group of young people getting involved in raising awareness. Kāpiti College teacher Nicola Easthope said she was “mighty proud” of the group and their achievements.

For more information on the group visit their ‘Young Ocean Defenders’ facebook page.