Kāpiti Run for Youth raises $20,702 for Kāpiti youth

Kāpiti Run for Youth has wrapped up for another year after raising $20,702 for Kāpiti youth.

Richard Calkin of Web Genius says, “I am really delighted with the efforts of many people that get in behind this event as raising this amount of money requires perseverance and commitment by participants and those that plan and run the event.” Richard goes on to say, “seeing the beach loaded with business groups, mums, dads, kids and grandparents was really exciting as everyone was out to have fun on the beach while raising money for Kāpiti youth.”

Terry Poko and the team from Youth Quest are very grateful that Kāpiti Run for Youth has chosen them to be the lead charity who benefits from this event. “This donation will go a long way to help us deliver our two key programmes that support and positively mentor young boys so they have every chance of turning their lives around,” says Terry. He goes on to say that “80% of our funding is through private sources so we sincerely thank Web Genius and the whole team that pulls this event together as it’s a lot of fun being involved.”

The other exciting thing for Youth Quest is Jerome Warren winning the Shout Out Strive Award for overcoming significant barriers. “Jerome was our poster boy for Kāpiti Run for Youth this year. He attended our programme as many of his life experiences put him firmly on the wrong side of the law and his anti-social behavior made him someone to be avoided at all costs,” says Terry. “He has turned his life around and the difference is on the inside we now employ Jerome, he’s an asset to our small team at Youth Quest. We are very proud of him for winning the Strive Award as he really deserves it.”

Richard says, “as a Committee, we feel really terrific about what we have achieved this year and planning will start early in the New Year for next year. We are keen to incrementally grow each year so that Youth Quest and other fundraising partners can benefit from the money raised. More than 400 people participated this year so wouldn’t it be great if each person brought along another friend next year just imagine how much money we could then raise.”

The Committee that work with Richard to make this event happen are Terry Poko (Youth Quest), Richard van Eck (Low Tax Accounting), Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson Plumbing) and Helene Judge (Kāpiti Business Projects). Kāpiti Run for Youth is an event aimed at raising funds and fitness levels for Kāpiti’s youth. All funds raised are split 40% to Youth Quest, 40% to the cause chosen by the participant and 20% to the running and promotion of the event. To register as a fundraising partner your objectives must be youth related. Other fundraising partners to benefit from Kāpiti Run for Youth this year include:

1. Activate Youth

2. Girl Guiding Kāpiti

3. Kāpiti Basketball Association

4. Kāpiti Youth Support

5. No 49 (Kāpiti) Squadron Air Training Corps

Keep an eye on our web site for next year’s event, www.kapitirunforyouth.co.nz