Ghost still haunts Kāpiti Council

Kāpiti Council adversary Dale Evans is at it again. No sooner had the infamous ‘Toilet Car’ stopped haunting the Council building than Mr Evans was back with another reminder of his discontent with Council’s escalating debt.

Mr Evans says it is his own way of making council sit up and listen to what the people are saying.

“They have been getting the message loud and clear but apart from a few councillors they don’t seem to register just how difficult it is for so many ratepayers who now have the extra burden of water meters.”

“I read recently that Kāpiti has 29% of the total net debt of the whole region but only 10% of the population. Their spending is out of control,” says Mr Evans who adds he will continue to ask the hard questions.

Mr Evans says the Council’s recent killing of the dog Beau was another example of a Council that has lost its way.

“It shows how completely out of touch with the people they are. Killing the dog Beau was completely unnecessary and I beleive Council acted out of malice towards the owner and they spent about $44,000 of ratepayers money doing it.”