Scott Bayler wins Poker Championship

Raumati’s Scott Bayler defeated a high quality field to win the recent Raumati South Poker Championship.

The Texas Hold’em Poker tournament was played under the rebuy format and provided plenty of action.

Bayler played aggressively throughout the tournament, dispatching a series of challengers until the final showdown match with Texas Hold’em specialist Jeff Simmonds.

As the two clashed in the heads up match, Bayler held a large chip advantage but a series of shrewd plays saw Simmonds edge back into the match. Both players employed a cagey strategy, aware that one bad move could end the match. Simmonds continue to chip up until what was to be the final hand.

On a board showing 10 3 6, Bayler led out and after some hesitation Simmonds made the call. The 8 on the turn saw an aggressive push all in from Bayler. After some hesitation all the chips went into the middle with a call from the fearless Simmonds and that move gave him the strong advantage as the Bayler play was an outrageous bluff with him only holding 7 4. Simmonds held the two over cards King and Queen and Bayler needed help with the final card. However poker can be a cruel game and when the dealer delivered the 7 on the river the roar of the crowd told the tale as the pair of sevens was enough to give Scott Bayler the title.

Bayler was the deserved winner as he had played a consistently strong game throughout and was rewarded for his mixed styles of play.