Magnificent Cookies Highlight of AGM

Crowds were turned away at the FOTOR Annual General Meeting last week when word got out that magnificent chocolate chip cookies would be on offer at the conclusion of the meeting.

Extra crowd control staff were brought in to control what many observers said was an unruly mob.

“Once word got out that Anna had baked her cookies and they would be freely available, the place went crazy,” said chair Max Lutz.

Another AGM attendee said, “I put one in my pocket and when I was driving home I took a bite. That’s when I realised that this was no ordinary cookie. It had massive chunks of chocolate in it. I considered driving back to get another one but I figured that it was quite unlikely that there would be any left.”

Anna was not immediately available for comment but is expected to make several celebrity appearances on TV shows to discuss the issue. KCNews understands she has also been invited to attend the Premier of the Hobbit as Peter Jackson is also a huge cookie fan – both literally and figuratively.