Pathway to Yoga – rejuvenate the body and free the mind

Pathway to Yoga – A class that aims to rejuvenate the body and free the mind from tension and fatigue. It is viewed as an introduction to the more traditional Yoga forms and as the name suggests, will provide you with a pathway into the world of Yoga through the use of the physical postures.

Pilates – A mat class that incorporates dynamic moves to tone and strengthen the arms, legs and core whilst improving overall postural alignment for a lean defined athletic look.

Dance Energy – A fun-filled dance class that includes free-style belly dancing with lots of energy & vitality.

Energize – A class designed for the active older adult, those new to exercise or returning to exercise from injury or pregnancy. Using the Swiss Ball, together with Pilates exercises and Yoga principles this class helps increase muscular strength and endurance and also improves concentration, co-ordination and balance.

Pilates Circuit – A small group class incorporating intermediate/advanced Pilates mat exercises with equipment such as Swiss Ball, Pilates circle, flexi-band. Booking is essential.

Swiss Ball – A small group class that uses the traditional exercise ball incorporating yoga & Pilates techniques to improve core strength, balance and co-ordination.

Intergrative Yoga – You will learn how each practice (asana) works at a physiological and energetic level and how to harness your breath to bring more energy and vitality to your daily life. After working through various asana you will identify those you can incorporate more fully in your life to individualise a daily practice for yourself. Ideal for those NEW to Yoga.

Relaxation Class – Guided meditations, breath-work and gentle chi gong exercises to assist you to:-

Mentally switch off and feel calmer

Reduce stress and anxiety

Physically relax your body

Feel lighter and more connected

Create more balance and vitality

Gently release negative emotions stored in your body

Increase oxygen and vitality to your organs

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