Kāpiti WEA offers new courses

The Kāpiti WEA has a number of new courses starting soon with new opportunities to learn and meet like minded members.

Intermediate sign language starts on 26 August. This is an opportunity for those with initial training to go to the next level. Our tutor Candice’s energetic and enthusiastic approach will ensure that you increase the scope of your signed conversations.

Tuesdays from 26 August: 7-9 pm WEA rooms upstairs, 17 Seaview Road

Science Saturdays

Planets – Frank Andrews returns with the latest research available. No longer are we unique as other planetary systems are explored- or are we?

30 August, 1 pm Whitireia Polytechnic for lecture. Stargazing nearby in the evening!

Hamish Campbell will talk about Zealandia as research reveals new information about the origins of the New Zealand continent. Hamish’s new book will be available for purchase from Paper Plus staff at the lecture a Kāpiti launch!

13 September, 10 am, Whitireia Polytechnic,


Janet Secker continues her Shakespearian series with Henry IV part 1 which focuses on the wayward Hal (later Henry V) and his interaction with Falstaff, one of Shakespeare’s larger than life characters Janet will explain the text as the group read.

Tuesdays from 2 September, 2 pm, Kāpiti Community Centre,

World War I poets. In a reading of mostly World War I British poets Janet Secker considers the Pity of War.

Saturday 13 September, 2 pm, Kāpiti Community Centre,

Homer was a founding writer for western civilisation. His work and its impact will be discussed by Chris Dearden, a retired Professor of Classical studies. Why has Homer’s work endured? Chris will shed contemporary light on his work.

Saturday 6 September, 2 pm, Kāpiti Community Centre,


Tony Bruce is internationally known for his study of older firearms. He will give a brief coverage of the history of firearms from 1500 is to 1875, and describe types of Black Powder firearms available today.

Tuesdays from 23 September, 7 9 pm, WEA rooms, 17 Seaview Rd, Paraparaumu Beach

Full details of all courses are available in our brochure or at www.kapitiwea.org.nz/sites/default/files/WEA%20Course%20Brochure%20July-Nov%202014.pdf

Next year

2015 is our centenary. We are preparing our 2015 courses and would be pleased to receive suggestions as to classes that could be offered. There are many living in Kāpiti who have useful knowledge or skills that they could share and we would like to know who they are. Can you suggest someone?

Help wanted

A small number of committee members provide the programme and support at each event. If you would like to help with course minding, educational development or publicity we would be delighted to hear from you.

Kāpiti Coast WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) Inc

P.O. Box 1536

Paraparaumu Beach 5252

Phone 04 904 1598