Jade Teki Standing up for Shared Labour Values in our Community

Labour Party candidate nominee Jade Teki says engagement, empowerment, and participation are what grassroots democracy is all about.

“It is the belief that democracy works best to the extent that power is vested in citizens and communities, after all, it is our votes, as citizens that empower the MP’s to act on our behalf and in our best interests.”

Ms Teki, in announcing her candidacy for the Labour Ōtaki race, says getting back to grassroots democracy and community engagement is the core philosophy that drives her participation in the Labour Party.

“We deserve an advocate who will work hard on the ground for us and with us! So I stand, with the community, honoured to be nominated as a Labour candidate for the Ōtaki Electorate.

“Two of the “big” issues I will strive to address in our communities;

Aged Care: I’d like to see mandatory staff-to-patient ratios, the appointment of an Aged Care Commissioner (to apply accountability) and improved wages and training for caregivers to significantly improve the quality of care in this sector.

Child Poverty: Whatever the causes, one thing is true – the children are not responsible for the poverty in which they are forced to live. That is why eliminating child poverty is a social responsibility rather than a “who’s to blame game”.

Ms Teki says the social and economic consequences of child poverty are long term and varied. “In short, they tend to require greater public expenditure and contribute less effectively to society.

“In our house, if a child is hungry, you feed them. New Zealand is our home and it is time to step up and address this issue swiftly. This is the kind of issue that should be dealt with “under urgency” in

parliament, not legislation pushed through in order to minimise public awareness and consultation as has been the case of late.

“I would love to see a portfolio for children. They are, after all our number one asset. If the National Party had a clue about the significance of this asset I’m sure they would try to sell 49% of that too.”

Ms Teki says it is the skills, industriousness, innovation, productivity and tenacity of future generations that will ensure we can retire (at a reasonable age) and as the BNZ Kiwi saver scheme states so well, not “work till I die!”

“We are going to go incredibly hard on the issues that are specific and important to the people of Horowhenua and Kāpiti – amalgamation, water quality and highways are all on our radar. Our team and I will work night and day to earn the right to represent the electorate of Ōtaki in parliament. It all starts today, it all starts with you. Today you can help secure the Ōtaki seat for Labour by supporting me to be the Ōtaki Labour Candidate.”

Jade Teki can be contacted on 021 716 576 or email [email protected]