Tried and untrue spray-on/prey-on product… ETHNOCIDE !!

Having trouble with pesky Maori land, designated wahi tapu, sacred springs etc getting in the way of motorway development? Try this proven product!

It’s worked for decades. It has the blessing of (dis)Hon Steven Joyce and his coterie of toadies at NZTA and is endorsed by the stupidity, cowardice, and ambition of local body politicians, is supported by the ignorance of business so-called leaders who think like dinosaurs, and is enabled by the apathy and unawareness of the mainstream media fogged masses who are struggling so much just trying to provide for their families that it all washes over them.

It works subtly, silently, and almost invisibly so only a few are aware of its presence. It leaves little obvious trace and its most potent side effects are only felt by a minority. Side effects include but are not limited to: community and intra-iwi divisiveness; feelings of hopelessness and despondency; permanent removal and/or destruction of land and resources that underpin a sense of history and belonging; futile anger and frustration; further hot-bedding for crime and imprisonment.

This amazing product can be used quite sparingly if targeted effectively and it gets results almost every time.


Identify subjects within the targeted iwi, hapu, or other group who are open to monetary reward under the guise of ‘representing iwi’. (It doesn’t really matter who they are as long as they seem to have some sort of ‘lineage’ or other form of credibility. The average punter out there wouldn’t have a clue anyway so who cares?)

Liaise with these subjects and outline the benefits of their participation in the ethnocide process. For example are they interested in being very well paid to sit on their arses listening to the radio and reading books in comfort while politically and socially naive archeologists scrape through the dirt looking for bones and artefacts?

Wear snappy suits and liaise with those elders who are easily impressed by such shows of power and seeming credibility. Engage their tacit support.

Make sure you exclude troublesome individual Maori from any information regarding your plans. By the time they find out it’s too late and the damage is being done. (If they get out of hand you can always undermine their credibility through your well-resourced media strategies).

Feed mainstream media items that make it appear your organisation cares and set up open days and the like to enhance this impression. This includes free bus trips to dig sites and well-funded drinkies with business groups.

Wash your hands of it when finished.


Some misinformed individuals may seek to classify ETHNOCIDE as a form of racism. While technically true it is important to manipulate the media to brand such a notion as mischievous and irresponsible.