Wilson stands for Regional Council and DHB

Kāpiti’s Greater Wellington Regional councillor, Nigel Wilson is seeking re-election to the post he has held for the last six years.

Mr Wilson says Greater Wellington Regional Council has been a very financially prudent organisation.

“These are tough times, particularly for those on low and fixed incomes. We have stuck to the basics and as a consequence the average rate rise in Kāpiti this year (from Regional Council ) is 11 cents a week.

“I have been a committee chair for the last three years and am considered a front runner to be deputy chair of the council if re-elected. I am a strong advocate for Kāpiti and we get things done.

I chair the Water Supply committee which has won international and national awards in the last two years there is an open invitation to KCDC to join.”

Mr Wilson outlined some of his key goals for the next three years which include:

  • Extending Gold Card hours it completely makes sense

  • Double tracking and electrification of commuter rail to Ōtaki

  • Building a Raumati railway station

    Mr Wilson says he is happy to take any enquiries at 9050583 or email: [email protected]

    Capital and Coast DHB

    Mr Wilson says he is also standing for the Capital & Coast District Health Board “As far as I am aware John Hayes and I are the only candidates for the DHB from Kāpiti. There was a time when we had a ward representative but since that was abandoned Kāpiti has not had a voice at the DHB.

    “I am a strong advocate with a serious interest in health issues and would appreciate the support of Kāpiti residents to ensure Kāpiti has an effective voice at the DHB.”

    Mr Wilson says he has worked closely with DHB members over the last six years and he chairs the Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee with increasing focus on public health.