Democracy at work

Dear Editor

Democracy at work: The Labour party is in the process of selecting a New Leader, and Ratepayers and Residents are in the process of selecting their new Council Representatives throughout New Zealand.

Sadly in Horowhenua, this process is being somewhat constrained by some of the Horowhenua District Council and the Foxton Community Board candidates. They don’t want to attend the Meet the Candidate Meeting arranged by the Ratepayers Assn. in Foxton. They only want to attend the meeting organised by Foxton Rotary. HDRRAI doesn’t have a problem with another meeting as it shows enthusiasm for and recognition of the importance of local government. It offers the voters more choices.

It is also important not to forget the very hard work that was done in the Foxton area by Mrs Rosalie Huzzif and her helper’s right from the time of local body amalgamation in 1989. Mrs Huzzif organised all the candidates meetings right up until the last two elections as no one else wanted to do the job. Well done Rosalie and HDRRAI thanks you with deep respect.

Candidates need to be reminded that Councillors and Community Board members are the employees of the ratepayers and residents. In the real world if you don’t front up at the interview you don’t get the tick.

It is obvious that candidates who don’t front up at these candidate meetings to answer questions from the ratepayers, who will be paying their wages, have forgotten that if elected they are there to serve as paid employees.

Ratepayers and residents, you should still vote and remember it is also incumbent on you to attend the candidate meetings if at all possible. We do need a plan to reduce debt. Vote for a change. Make your vote count.

David Thomson

(Chair) HDRRAI