Local poet kicks goals with published work this month

This month has been the biggest of Paekākāariki poet Mercedes Webb-Pullman’s writing life – All thanks to the gods of poetry and fortune, and the support of friends.

Fourteen poems and a short story published, six more poems accepted, and two books, one of poetry, one a travelogue/memoir/quest.

Three poems of hers – Death of Lorca, Dreams of Katherine Mary Knight, and The Singing Bones here:


A short story – Jacob’s ladder – and six poems – Never for the last time, Another dream of Alexandria, Desert interlude, A Balkan story, Today she is Kāpiti Island and Loop Dreamer’s cycle – here in Danse Macabre #72, Oubliette


Three poems – The sky of summer stars, Dangelong and Girls at tea (after John Ashbery and the story of Anatoly Moskvin) in Rawahi, a new release from Hammer & Anvil Books:


Mercedes’ poems Kovalenko’s Zen and Self-Serve are in this new anthology Of Sun and Surf from Kind of a Hurricane Press – thanks Amy and April!


Prospective Journal has taken Rebirthing Characters (Sasquatch)

Half Way Down the Stairs has taken Hangman’s Creek

Horrified Press for Until the End has taken The Red Queen makes her excuses

Parody has taken This be the worst and I carry your gum

Her book of poetry Ono (previously Waiata of waiting) has been accepted by Hammer & Anvil Books

Her travelogue / memoir / quest called Looking for Kerouac has been accepted by Hammer & Anvil books


The Stars like Sand – an anthology of Australian and New Zealand poetry due for release early 2014 will include her poem Graffiti Trees

Mercedes sends a big thank you to all the editors who have shown their faith in her – so very strange that only one of them is a Kiwi. Oh well, I guess that makes her an international poet.

She knows a month like this will never happen again! It’s all downhill from here …