Colin Pearce – Profile

Born in Ōtaki. Educated in our local schools, and apprenticed in Levin. A local with four generations living within Ōtaki. My wife and I have three adult children and two grandchildren.

After several years of building, I chose a career in education, where I taught at both secondary and polytechnic levels in New Zealand and


Thank you for the opportunity to be your voice throughout the last three years, I have been that voice, and offer myself for a second term.

I have the time to continue serving the community and will bring the

following to the next Community Board;

Strong and honest advocacy to the electorate;

An ear that listens and acts on what is heard;

An available, approachable representative with a can do attitude.


Colin Pearce – Profile

Common sense, dedication and a can do attitude, are a powerful combination.

This is what I will bring to the Council as your ward member. Ōtaki was generous to me as a child, an energetic youth through to fatherhood. I value the legacy left to my generation, and seek election to enhance the prospect of leaving a sustainable legacy to future generations.

I started work as a Joiner, then later a career in education. This along with my local upbringing give me experience in dealing with the diversity and needs of our community.

Throughout my time on the Community Board I listened to, and reflected

the views, issues and opinions as they concerned individuals, and will

continue to do so at the council table.

I support initiatives that promote;

The comfort and needs of the over 60’s and young families.

Democracy where people come before the politicians and bureaucrats.