Kāpiti Woman Nearly Impaled in Car Accident

A Milne Road resident is resting at home and thanking her lucky stars after a freak accident last Monday afternoon.

The woman had just turned onto Kāpiti Road heading for Coastlands at 3.00pm when a flat deck truck reversing from a sloping driveway on her left ploughed through the front windscreen.

Police and Ambulance who had just finished attending an accident at the Larch Grove intersection were quick to respond, describing it as the sort of scene you cut bodies from. Miraculously, the driver was able to be assisted from under the crumped mess of the vehicle roof. She was taken to Team Medical and underwent xrays, but had no broken bones, just severe and unexplained bruising to her left forearm.

Later family members photographing the written off vehicle at a wreckers yard discovered that two steel warattahs that must have been on the trucks tray had javelined through the windscreen, one was imbedded in the floor between two front seats. The second in the passenger seat. Not only did she survive the crash, but she was very nearly impaled. The busy Nana was very very grateful that her grandchildren who she normally picks up from school were not in the vehicle that day.

Police have given the truck driver a warning. It is believed low sun to the west had been a factor in the cause of the accident.

Written by Jackie Elliott