Dale Evans responds to Kāpiti CEO


My response to Patrick Dougherty CEO Kāpiti District Council Wednesday 3 July 2013 Kāpiti News – Under ‘Fresh Dimension’ and Kāpiti Observer 27 June 2013 ‘Consultation on Maori Seats.’

Firstly it is quite obvious that this issue is a “touchy” subject as Mr Dougherty has not responded to the background of these three individual Maori Representatives appointed to major committees of Council. To this very day the Community at large still does not know anything about these individuals or their background. Mr Dougherty stated that it was put out to the community at large – can we ask where? If he is stating the KCDC Long Term and Annual Plan – my talking to the Community at large – It may be available but people dont know about. It is a huge document to read – people do not have the time, mostly out trying to make a living. There needs to be a summary of the important details advertised. Hence my argument of the above – an important issue like this needs to advertised so people can read it in their own homes and able to comment. Did the Mayor mention it in her column? The most important issue of this exercise is that they have voting rights! No mention of what remuneration they receive or their qualifications?

After checking with other Councils yes they do have Maori Representatives on committees but they do not have voting rights. The three individuals on our Council were not elected by the Community at large and given voting rights – they could have the casting vote on any major issues that could drastically effect our Community.

Is this another instant whereby Council is breaking into a new dimension – trial and error stuff – not necessarily a good thing for the Kāpiti Coast as a whole. eg Electric truck , Lemar treatment sewage, LIM report on Coastal Hazard etc at the Rater Payers expense. It is no wonder our rates are increasing which are becoming unaffordable to certain segments of our Community, these people are having to shift out of the area as being on set incomes, retirees, unemployed etc. Debt $156 million to eventually be $196 million!!!!!!

Oh by the way, I wonder if the Community knows about Mr Dougherty’s internal employment contract being extended for 2 years to 2015? I guess not. Was this ever mentioned, publicized in our local papers or pointed out by the Mayor or Council?

Ehen asked these questions at a the Council meeting 28th March 2013 – the reply was short and blunt. Nothing mentioned why it was not put out to the community and who and what Councillors knew of the whole subject. No Councillors raised their hands at this meeting (28th March), my response was, obviously Councillors knew NOTHING about this. Mr Dougherty proceeded to inform those at this meeting they were all informed of this information. But what about the Community input considering we pay his wage and should have been consulted. Who approved his employment extention? Is this going to be another PAYOUT of Ratepayers money if Super City proceeds.


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