Will disabled pay more for water use


As the installation of water meters is nearing completion and we can now expect soon to feel the venom of the KCDC Rates grab for the individual usage of water throughout the Kāpiti District. I wonder if any thought or consideration has ever been given to the many disabled people within our community, from Paekākāariki through to Ōtaki who daily use more water than the usual personal requirement, due to their individual handicap. There are about 380 persons within the Kāpiti Area, who come under the Health System, of which about 40% of them use more than the normal amount for their everyday health requirements. I just wonder how much thought has been given by KCDC for such problems to these individuals and if KCDC are now prepared to make necessary adjustments to cater for such persons.

Roy Bradbury

Waikanae Beach