Shazza and Bazza celebrity guests at National Field Day

Huge crowds thronged to see celebrity guests Shazza and Bazza Throgmorton at Mystery Creek, near Hamilton on the weekend.

“We were delighted to be invited to the National Field Days,” says Shazza, while the normally reticent Bazza added, “yeah it was bloody bonza to get an invite and a highlight was the wood chopping.Shazza is a bloody good wood chopper after chopping up all those bloody gums trees that came down in the last cyclone, so it was great to be a celebrity judge at the wood chopping competition.”

Shazza, who holds the Australian national title for section clearing added “I bloody love how close everything is in New Zealand. We had the bloody jet parted at Kāpiti Airport and popped up to the field days for the day and were bloody back in time for the bloody Mayor’s barbie at 6. Mate, it’s bloody marvellous that Kāpiti Airport. Bazza and I will definitely be back.”

The Throgmortons are considering taking up residency on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.

KCNews is hoping to confirm that Shazza and Bazza will also be the celebrity guests at the opening of the Kāpiti Aquatic Centre.