New Zealanders are committed to Saving Lives

New Zealanders have once again dug deep and demonstrated their generosity to the SPCA and their work with less fortunate pets of New Zealand. The continuing results of the Animates Christmas ‘Giving Tree’ campaign underlines the public’s continued support towards the SPCA and the welfare of pets.

Now in its 5th year, contributions to the SPCA through Animates’ ‘Giving Tree’ programme, continues to demonstrate the appreciation and commitment of New Zealanders to the vital work the SPCA does. This year $46,862.00 was raised which will be invested in the SPCA’s Saving Lives activity.

SPCA National President Bob Kerridge said “Our long and deepening association with Animates is a key part of our efforts to save animals’ lives by finding new and loving homes in which they can live their lives in peace and contentment.”

It is through this deepening association with Animates and the commitment of the New Zealand public to adopting SPCA pets, that nearly 4000 SPCA pets have found homes through Animates stores alone.

The fundraising involved customers at Animates stores around New Zealand leaving a wish on a Christmas tree and an associated contribution. The public’s increasing generosity to the SPCA has encouraged Animates to further increase its support of the SPCA through additional regional campaigns.