Local Business looking for crushing start to 2013

SILACA GLASS CRUSHERS is supporting New Zealanders’ love of the environment by using their waste glass to make a range of paving and landscaping products.

Operating at the Ōtaki Transfer Station on the Kāpiti Coast, Silaca has been turning local residents’ waste glass – previously bound for the landfill – into a variety of useful and attractive products since the later part of 2011.

Residents dropping off their glass can see how it is being recycled, including being turned into the Silaca paving slab. Available in a hand-made and unique decorative finish, it is made from crushed glass and cement and combines high environmental credentials with competitive pricing.

Silaca also supply crushed glass applications for the landscaping, aggregate, traction, filtration, abrasive, ceramic and sculpture markets.

The company is also exploring using crushed glass in other building products. In conjunction with a local plastics recycler Silica have developed a board/sheet, up to 6mm thick, made from waste plastic milk containers and crushed glass able to be used in non-regulated building, construction and DIY applications.

Silaca has also recently completed an export order for a number oftheir own design, patented and locally made crushing plants, sustainable paver specification and expertise into Australia and are currently following up interest from North America and Europe.

This is a noteworthy step in Silaca’s development strategy coming directly after the opening of their first retail outlets in Ōtaki and Waikanae.

Silaca is linked into New Zealand’s first purpose-built Clean Technology Centre. The Centre, supported by the Kāpiti Coast District Council and Grow Wellington and located in Ōtaki, provides an environment for clean technology research and Silaca is proud to be involved in the waste reduction research stream.

Silaca Glass Crushers was founded and is still led by Barry Lucinsky, a Kāpiti Coast identity, who has many years experience in the contracting industry and in leading community initiatives aimed at reducing and reusing waste including the lauded Keep New Zealand Beautiful campaign that Barry led through the 1990s.

In partnership with Barry is Malcolm Mason who holds the role of Chief Operating Officer. Malcolm brings a high level of commercial acumen to Silaca Glass Crushers.

Go to www.crushedglass.co.nz for more information and to “Contact Us”