SPCA Offers Kiwis a High Welfare Option this Christmas

The SPCA Blue Tick team has been busy this year adding additional species to their Blue Tick accreditation scheme so that Kiwis can have a high welfare Christmas.

Whether you are choosing a Christmas Ham, Turkey, Chicken or just wanting a high welfare Egg Nog this year, the SPCA Blue Tick have it covered.

In July 2012 their first meat poultry chicken producer, Rangitikei, was awarded the trusted SPCA Blue Tick, then in November Tegel Free Range Turkeys were launched. Adding to their existing portfolio of Layer Hens and Pigs, Kiwis now have a wide range of high welfare farmed products to choose from.

“When people buy SPCA Blue Tick approved products we are able to help more animals, so we are asking Kiwis to ‘look for the Tick’ when purchasing this Christmas,” says Juliette Banks, National Manager Blue Tick.

“It is that simple – the farmers, retailers and supermarkets all speak the language of money and we are able to translate that into high welfare on the farm with the Blue Tick scheme.”

The SPCA Blue Tick animal welfare label is only awarded to farmers who do not use cages, sow stalls or farrowing crates in their production. The SPCA standards are upheld by regular farm and supply chain audits, and can be spot audited at any time to ensure farms adhere to these requirements.

“The SPCA Blue Tick is the only independent animal welfare certification scheme in New Zealand and is a consumer guarantee of good animal welfare standards,” says SPCA National Chief Executive Robyn Kippenberger. “The SPCA does not have a commercial interest so our focus is purely the welfare of the animals.”

Ask for SPCA Blue Tick approved products at your favourite supermarket and butcher this Christmas to help drive better welfare on New Zealand farms. Have a high welfare Christmas you can be proud of.