Kāpiti Coast is set to prosper says Airport owner

Chairman of the Kāpiti Coast Airport Sir Noel Robinson recently addressed the Rotary Club of Kāpiti, and expressed great confidence in the future for Kāpiti.

“Population growth as compared to the rest of New Zealand towns and cities, is the second to highest in the country”, said Sir Noel. “The Kāpiti area is ideally situated to become a major centre for distribution, logistics, and ‘back office’ support, and it’s relationship with Wellington City has many parallels to that of Brisbane and the Gold Coast” he said.

Sir Noel went on to say that several initiatives taken or yet to be realised, included the enhancement and double-tracking of the rail links; multi-million dollar upgrade of Kāpiti Airport; and the Transmission Gully and Sandhills Expressway, will all contribute to the prosperity of the area. A downside for Kāpiti has been the lack of commercial development, combined with the fact that 40 percent of the population has to travel out of Kāpiti each day to work.

“Once the bulldozers are set to work on the proposed Expressway, confidence will be conferred on Kāpiti by commercial interests, and jobs will be created as a result. Big business migrates according to the reliability of transport links, and we do not have that at present”, said Sir Noel.

Focussing on the future of the Kāpiti Coast Airport, Sir Noel commented that successful commercial airports make communities vibrant, and create economic growth. “It is critical that the community takes advantage of the excellent service that Air New Zealand is providing. The success or otherwise of the current scheduled flights, will lead to the introduction of flights to other destinations”.

In conclusion, reference was made to the fantastic natural and world-class facilities that are found in Kāpiti. “For example, the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Course is one of the finest links courses anywhere, and there is no doubt that this course will ultimately be chosen by the Asian Golf Circuit promoters, to be included in their annual programme. It will all be dependent on the provision of reliable access,” said Sir Noel.

Story and picture by Graeme Barrell