Kāpiti PAKnSAVE to take part in ShakeOut

Kāpiti PAK’nSAVE is taking part in the New Zealand ShakeOut earthquake drill.

ShakeOut has been organised by Civil Defence to help individuals and businesses understand what is required should an earthquake strike. On Wednesday 26 September at 9.26am anyone participating in the programme should drop, cover and hold for the national earthquake drill.

Glen Taylor, Owner Operator of Kāpiti PAK’nSAVE felt that as a business employing a large number of staff and one which sees high volumes of customers pass through the doors everyday, it was imperative everyone knew what to do should an earthquake occur. By participating in the ShakeOut campaign, staff are more likely to be prepared and react in an appropriate manner should an earthquake actually strike Kāpiti. Staff have been briefed to drop, cover and hold. In some departments, such as the deli or bakery, staff will be briefed to move away from hot ovens and appliances. Storeroom staff will be advised to step away from tiered racking, walk in freezers and chillers. On the main shop floor, advice will be to avoid the glass windows at the front of the store.

This is the first time Civil Defence has held such an event, and Glen Taylor said Kāpiti PAK’nSAVE was pleased to be taking part. “We already hold two evacuation drills per year as part of our normal safety drill requirements, but we’re thrilled to be taking part in ShakeOut day in addition to these, as it will really help inform staff on what to do specifically in the event of an earthquake.”

Approximately 150 staff and store visitors will be taking part. Customer participation is welcome but optional. The store will remain open throughout. Civil Defence procedures will be followed for the drill: www.shakeout.govt.nz/resources/index.html

So far, over 8000 Kāpiti residents and workers have registered to participate in the New Zealand ShakeOut. Individuals, businesses, schools and community groups are encouraged to sign up and take part. All registered participants from the Kāpiti area can be viewed on the ShakeOut website.