Cupcakes For SPCA

A recent fundraising day for the SPCA was held at Waikanae School. Concerned for the welfare of animals Jessica Glover, Della Rankin and Dailha Wiari, all year 6 students from Waikanae School, came up with an idea to raise funds by selling cupcakes. Jessica thought the money raised would be used to buy food for the animals housed at the Waikanae SPCA, and Della suggested it could be used for medical and health needs Della made 60 cupcakes at home and brought them in to save time at school. With the help several other children they made 120 additional cupcakes in the hall kitchen. They made them in two sizes and decorated them with icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips and lollies. Jessica, one of the bakers said, “The fun bit was making the icing, and decorating them.” They also enjoyed taste testing their creations to check on quality.

The cupcakes sold quickly at morning interval and lunchtime, and were soon sold out.

“They were really Yum and I had 3 cupcakes, two big ones and a small one. One of the big ones had pineapple lumps, and my other one had a snake on it. The small one had marshmallows and chocolate liquorice.” said Mitchell Goggin, a Room 11 pupil.

Bianca White, another Room 11 student agreed, “They were yummy I had a small one and half a big one from my friend”

The girls said that it would have been easy to sell even more if they could have baked more..

“I missed out. If I had enough money I would buy all that I could because they looked so delicious”, said Jason Scarlet, from the girls’ class.

The girls made a profit of $137 which was passed on to the local Waikanae SPCA.

By Peter Corlett and Jessica Glover