Raumati Pool re-opening delayed

The re-opening of Raumati Swimming Pool has been delayed for approximately two weeks, Leisure & Open Space Asset Manager, Lex Bartlett said today.

“In order to provide alternative facilities the Waikanae Pool will remain open until Raumati can be re-opened,” he said.

With the completion of the re-roofing project, the pool was due to open on Monday April 18 but when the pool was emptied it was discovered the product used to seal the pool joints had failed.

“The pool was not emptied until late in the re-roofing project as this is best practice to maintain the structural integrity of the pool.

“Once the pool was drained the sealant failure proved to be widespread and we must now remove and then replace it with new sealant, which will take around two weeks to cure, before the pool can be refilled, tested and then heated,” Mr Bartlett said.

“We have informed regular users of the pool via text and telephone.

“We apologise to them and any others who may be inconvenienced by this later opening date,” Mr Bartlett said.