Load limit on Otaihanga footbridge

An inspection of the Otaihanga footbridge by Council staff has found a change in the level of the deck.

Civil engineers have recommended Council place a temporary load limit of 20 persons on the bridge while further investigations and levels are taken to determine its current condition and the extent of any movement.

“The load limit applies from today,” Group Manager Community Services Tamsin Evans said.

Ms Evans said that in December last year Council officers noticed a change in the level of the deck of the Otaihanga Footbridge on the north eastern abutment during a routine inspection and asked engineers to investigate.

The engineers suspect “it may be as a result of settlement of the pole foundation, or decay of the pole or other supporting timber below ground.”

“There’s no cause for alarm,” Ms Evans said. “The load limit is a precaution and should ensure no major stress is placed on the bridge while investigations are undertaken and decisions made on what, if any, remedial work may be required.”