Waikanae underpass confusion from NZTA

Waikanae Ward candidate Tony Lloyd says he is absolutely astounded at the run a-round Waikanae is being given by NZTA over the Te Moana Road/SH1 Underpass.

At the Waikanae Community Board meeting on Tuesday night NZTA representatives told the Board and public that it was only the planning for the underpass that had been stopped and that once issues relating to the Expressway were resolved then a final decision will be made.

This directly contradicts the statement made to the Kāpiti Observer 2 weeks ago by the Acting State Highway Manager Mark Owen who categorically stated that the Underpass was not going to be built and that the traffic woes will disappear when the Expressway is completed.

Mr Lloyd says this is an intolerable situation. “Just which of these statements should we believe? I’m concerned that NZTA may be holding off so that eventually we the ratepayers will have to pay for the underpass when in fact this is a State Highway issue that needs to be resolved now.”