No water meters – Yeah Right!

Marilyn Stephens says the Kāpiti Council has snuck under the radar regarding the water meter debate.

“It has been a bit of a charade really,” says Ms Stephens who is a candidate for the Paraparaumu Ward. “We even have some councillors pretending water metering has not gone ahead.”

Ms Stephens says those councillors appear to have overlooked the implications of the Water Supply Bylaw 2010 which came into force on the 1 July this year.

This Bylaw requires water meters for the following activity groups:

Commercial and business; Industrial; Agricultural; Horticultural; Viticultural; Lifestyle blocks (peri-urban or small rural residential); Fire protection systems other than sprinkler systems installed to comply with NZS 4517; Out of district (supply to, or within another local authority); Domestic spa or swimming pool in excess of 10m3 capacity; Temporary supply; Hospitals; Rest homes; Schools, Colleges, Technical Institutions; Recreational facilities; and Restaurants; Other uses as determined in writing by the Council or by an authorised officer of the Council.

“And in case anyone is missed out, the Bylaw is ‘not limited’ to these activity groups, says Ms Stephens.

“This Bylaw will enable many households to be charged for their domestic water supply and it also enables Council at any time to include any other groups or activities it sees fit.”

Ms Stephens says water metering has been introduced by stealth. “Our community deserves better,” she said.