Michael Scott joins Council race

Michael Scott says it has been tragic over the last three years to see the division amongst Kāpiti’s District Councillors. “Casting votes have more often than not decided the district’s direction.”

“We are part of a district and our councillors need to reflect that reality. For the most part Council has failed to attract professionals and business people to the table. We need to think about when and where we have our meetings so working men and women can actively participate in local government and have their voices more effectively heard,” said Mr Scott.

“Already the single issue candidates are out in force, either ready to pick a fight with each-other or more worryingly with Council Staff or to signal a desire to change decisions already debated and decided. This is the type of council that has plagued Kāpiti almost since its inception.”

Mr Scott says Kāpiti needs a district wide approach to our future. “I run a business, I employ local people and I know that for many it is hard to make ends meet. It’s not just beneficiaries and those on fixed incomes who are struggling its also hard for families trying to stretch a pay packet.

“There has been a large wish list in the Community. It can’t all be funded by a culture of ever increasing spending from the ratepayers pocket.

Central Government needs to come back into the funding equation instead of just continuing to make local government pick up the cost. There needs to be a re-evaluation and refocus on core functions for Council.”

He says affordable and sustainable infrastructure is the legacy that should be left to the next generation – not a mountain of debt and failed experiments.

“We need leadership on the real issues; being able to travel around the district on a local roading network that is not gridlocked, have access to education, health care in our own communities and a high quality of living – these are the real issues that effect every resident every day,” says Mr Scott.

“I want to put these issues back squarely on the table at Council. I bring governance experience at a local and national level to the Council table and commitment to make a difference for Kāpiti residents.”

Mr Scott is also a candidate for the Waikanae Community Board