Marie OSullivan new Waikanae Council candidate

Campaign Statement

Having lived on the Kāpiti Coast for 21 years, almost long enough to be a local, I value our lifestyle and unspoilt environment. That way of life is now under threat, prompting me to stand as a candidate.

As a lecturer in public policy and health I naturally gravitate toward community health issues. I strongly oppose the proposed expressway which is not just a “single issue” but the most important issue affecting the future of the Kāpiti Coast. It will impact severely on the Waikanae area and destroy our river walks, cycleways, bridleways and access to recreational facilities. It will create an obesogenic environment where everyone has to drive everywhere. It will lower air quality and increase health problems with lung cancer, COPD and other respiratory diseases. Particulate matter from diesel trucks is also known to damage the heart. It will impact on our ability to get a good nights sleep. Our urban design will be downgraded. It will sever the beach community from the garden area and access to shopping, transport and health care. It will be clearly visible from the beach and impact on our eco-tourism and Nature Coast branding. It will create traffic congestion along choke points at Te Moana Road.