Feedback sought on Town Centre

Council is to seek community feedback on which parts of the Town Centre land are required for public works.

Councillors agreed Thursday to use the Special Consultative Procedure laid down by the Local Government Act 2002.

The decision follows a reserved judgment by the High Court in May which said Council must determine what part of its 1981 and 1987 land purchase it wants to retain for public works purposes. The High Court said once this was done, Council must offer the balance back to the original owners.

A June report to Council said current requirements were likely to require “as a minimum” land for a future aquatic centre, arts centre, and stormwater drainage, while also taking into account issues such as the need for hydraulic neutrality.

Council has now signed off on a process to be followed over the next several months.

Chief Executive Pat Dougherty said Council expects to determine its public works requirements and commence land negotiations and offer-back processes in April 2011.