Councillor lists promises kept

Promises Kept

Promised to save hospital land for future health provision. After being on the Kāpiti Health Trust for five year I am still pushing for a 4 bed acute medical centre with 24 hour care in Paraparaumu. We now have 24 hr paramedic coverage in our area.

Promised to stop water meters on domestic drinking water supply and so prevent privatization of water for profit.

Promised improvements to Paraparaumu beach shopping area footpaths.

Promised close monitoring of airport developments and insist on CAA safety concerns be met and traffic plans made.

Promised to support housing for the elderly and improved choice of housing. On Abbeyfield steering group since its beginning and in my term council has markedly improved insulation to the council controlled homes.

Promised to support the elderly. I have been council rep on the elders’ forum and Council of Elders since its inception and have been involved in many health and transport groups. Achieved bus service to health centre and bus service to Paraparaumu East.

Promised to support a long term water storage solution. I continue to support the building of a small dam. Nearly there.

Put council motion to start construction of local bridge over Waikanae River before end of our triennium at council. Some councillors would not support.

Promised to enhance youth facilities so have voted for more sports venues, have supported the hockey turf completion, advocated for more soccer and rugby grounds and an affordable aquatic centre. Have also voted to give further financial help to Youth Support services.

I have actively campaigned to stop the destruction of the Maclean Park kiosk and have managed to keep our community constable there. Have also supported the Rotary pathway along the seafront and stopped council’s plans to fill in part of the duck pond at Maclean park.

All these are promises kept and achievements in the past three years.

David Scott

Candidate for Paraparaumu Ward