Peter Ellis – fit for another round

Campaign statement

Age 69, I am currently one of the five district wide councillors and again seek one of these positions.

During my 14 years as a councillor I have seen, among other things, the construction of the Library, and Hockey Turf , the introduction of Kerbside recycling, the combining of the Waikanae and Paraparaumu Waste water, and the introduction of bores to supplement our water supply.

I support the construction of a road from McKays Crossing through to Ōtaki to relieve congestion on our local roads and a more permanent water supply.

Youth need more and better facilities. The new aquatic centre is a must along with more playing fields.

The Airport development has started and this will bring more work to the area with economic benefits to the region. The growth in retail and industry at Ōtaki must be supported.