Raumati Artists Book Launch at Lembas

You are invited to a celebration book launch to be held at Lembas Cafe, Poplar Avenue, Raumati South at 5.30-7.30 pm on Wednesday 21 July. One of the books being launched is illustrated by Raumati’s own artist and sculptor, Bodhi Vincent. Wholesale- priced and GST-free for this occasion only, this is a chance to own not one but twenty-one pieces of Bodhi’s original work!

Best known for his massive, brooding female nudes, Bodhi Vincent’s fine line drawings nevertheless perfectly illustrate this collection of exotic stories by Wellington Storyteller, Linda Bremford. Titled “Food Legends of the World: Traditional Tales with Recipes of Today” the publishers sell this colourful book with its delicious recipes in support of a Charitable Trust. The launch is also promoting “The Hanging Garden of Eden.” This hard-covered volume of Inspirational Verse by Yanchiji, generously illustrated with forty temple photographs from Buddhist and Hindu traditions, is finding a responsive audience in readers interested in transcending spiritual divisions between East and West. Also wholesale-priced and GST-free at the Lembas launch.

Please RSVP to Linda @ (04) 4793052 or email [email protected]