Ngāti Pākehā and the macron issue

I have copied this email to Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (The Māori Language Commission) to ensure any inadvertent misinterpretation of Māori language that I may have made can be corrected. No response from them will be construed that they concur with my view.

A very positive spin-off from this Kāpiti macron farce is that the Ngāti Pākehā iwi will become a much more formidable group in fostering a united country that is internationally known as New Zealand. This largest iwi in the country is not the “Crown” and it consists of New Zealand citizens who do not readily associate themselves to be from Māori origin. Bi-cultural New Zealand of the 19th Century no longer exists with the multi-cultural society we live in today. By working alongside those Māori iwi who consider themselves New Zealanders of Māori origin, the Ngāti Pākehā will become more influential in breaking down the apartheid, Māori versus Non-Māori, culture our politicians have created.

I have therefore also copied our local Members of Parliament and the leaders of our major political parties on the email so we can start to apply the terms of the Treaty of Waitangi in an equitable manner for both Māori and Non-Māori iwi of this country.

Martin Warriner

Paraparaumu Beach